Pulling All the Strands of Scarborough’s Reading Rope Together

In 2001, Dr. Hollis Scarborough designed “Scarborough’s Reading Rope” to illustrate the skills of word recognition and processes of language comprehension as “strands” essential for achieving reading comprehension. Scarborough’s Reading Rope is widely depicted and referenced in reading research literature and visually breaks down the two critical components that lead to skilled reading (language comprehension and word recognition) into two distinct ropes that must automatically and strategically work together. In Scarborough’s Reading […]

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The Simple View of Reading – A Formula for Success

Reading comprehension is the end goal of reading. The Simple View of Reading is a research- validated framework that indicates the two major components that are necessary to reach the end goal of reading comprehension: language comprehension and decoding. The formula was proposed by Gough and Tunmer in 1986 and serves as a broad reference to the complexity of reading and what is required for the assessment and teaching of reading. Nonetheless, […]

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Science of Reading and Structured Literacy – What’s the Buzz All About?

Recently, there has been a great deal of buzz and confusion about the “Science of Reading” and related terms, such as Structured Literacy and reading instruction that is explicit, systematic, sequential, cumulative, and diagnostic. When terms are misused or misunderstood, whether intentionally or not, our students may be “instructional casualties,” as they may continue to miss out on the opportunity to experience evidence-based instruction. In order to support learning for all students, […]

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Science of Reading: A Call to Action

Many dedicated educators enter their classrooms every day without the tools, knowledge and practices to deliver evidence-based instruction to the students sitting in front of them.  All educators care deeply about growth in literacy for ALL students, yet there are instructional practices used across the nation by adults who may have limited access to the convergent scientific evidence. Literacy is a civil […]

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