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The Science of Reading Short Course!

Coming January 2021!

This site hosts a one-of-a-kind overview of the science behind effective reading instruction that’s just the right start and the right size to begin or continue your journey to becoming a knowledgeable reading teacher. It was developed by a coalition of reading experts to give practitioners just like yourself critical information about what comprises the reading process and lays a solid conceptual and practical foundation for how to teach reading. Best of all you can learn at your own pace and complete the entire course within a 10-hour timeframe, gain continuing education credits, and finish with recommendations for where to go next! Thanks for making your way here. Let’s get started.

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It is evidence: Evidence from the accumulation of research on reading acquisition and instruction that has been conducted using gold-standard methodologies and has identified effective practices.

(Reyna, 2004; Seidenberg, 2017)

Child reading
child writing
child reading

Simply put, the Science of Reading is not an opinion, nor is it a philosophical belief. The accumulated Science of Reading evidence should be trusted to inform the why, what, and how of reading instruction.

(Carreker, 2020)